Accreditation Process
Accreditation is a process of accessing and recognizing schools adhering to a set of educational standards. TwinCities Tamil Paadasalai is preparing itself on a full swing for getting accredited. Being an accredited school entitles students and parents with many benefits including but not limited to Language credit for Students, Continuous improvement on educational standards, Constant evaluation of education quality, Access to more opportunities and better resources.

With an interest to provide a better learning infrastructure to students and parents TwinCities Tamil Paadasalai is seeking accreditation guidance from AdvancED – a global organization dedicated to advancing excellence in education. Accreditation follows a well-documented and structured process with following steps.

  • Submit application including fees.
  • Readiness Review: upon receipt of application the appropriate AdvancED office reviews readiness.
  • Capacity and integrity to adhere to the AdvancED standards and policies.
  • School’s has the capacity to support continuous school improvement.
  • Determination if the school should become a candidate for accreditation.
  • Internal Assessment: Upon achievement of candidate status, the school completes the Self-Assessment and prepares for the External Review.
  • External Review: The candidate school hosts an External Review. Audits, Reviews and grants the final accreditation status.

Accredited, Accredited on Advisement, Accredited Warned, Accredited Probation are 4 accreditation statuses.

Accreditation is for five year term as long as the school:

  • Adheres to the AdvancED accreditation standards and policies.
  • Engages in the AdvancED process and procedures for continuous improvement.
  • Submits the Self-Assessment report 6 to 4 weeks prior to the External Review.
  • Hosts an External Review at least once every five years.
  • Shares a progress report on the required actions 2 years following the External Review.
  • Shares more frequent progress reports if schools placed on Advisement, Warned, or Probation as instructed.
  • Pays accreditation fees as required.


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